H​.​E. Double Hockey Sticks

by The Dead Hits

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Brand new track off the upcoming Rocket From Russia Fest Compilation!


(Intro) To all of those we left behind us
And all the souls too lost to tell
For all the pain in eyes of mercy
I raise my glass and wish you well… now go to hell
With all of your precious abuses
Gut check excuses, knots in the noose… straight to hell
For taking the most understanding
From those who can stand it
And pieces of us when you fell
(Verse 1) To all the forgiven, or those who pretend
For mothers of fury, and fathers of sin
I wish you well…
(Verse 2) To all the forgotten, and those we don’t tell
For daughters of duty, and sons that rebel
Now go to hell…
(Outro - mute) Time takes everything away
Pride, swallows up the shame
One fall, forty times the pain
Our hearts break, our hearts break
Hard lives, harder lies to take
Hands out, reaching from the grave
Blind eyes, lead you through this maze
Our hearts break, our hearts break
(Outro – heavy) These days, so long
These nights, stay strong
All rights, all wrongs
Our hearts break, our hearts break
You fight, we fall
You run, we crawl
Forget freedom
Our hearts break, your heart’s breaking


released July 20, 2017
Recorder at the shack by Martin McLaughlin and Get Rad Records.



all rights reserved


The Dead Hits Surrey, British Columbia

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